Nanotechnology is a concept that we have heard frequently in recent years and is encountered in almost every field. “Nano” literally means one-billionth of physical size. A human’s hair is approximately 100,000 nanometers. This is an indicator of how small the nanometric measurement is. In other words, there can only be 2-3 atoms in nanometer content. 100-1000 atoms come together to form a nanostructure. Many molecules we know fall into the class of nanostructures.

Nanotechnology is the examination, control, modification, and functionalization of 1-100 nanometer-sized materials. As dimensions approach nanoscale, the number of atoms and the geometry of the atomic structure play an important role in determining physical properties. Working on such a small scale, the physical changes caused by each atom added to the structure become apparent depending on the type of that atom, the geometry of the structure, and most importantly its type. For example; Gold, which cannot interact with any substance in the world under normal conditions and is used as jewelry due to this feature, gains features that can interact with all substances in nano-scales.

Feynman was the first person to talk about nanostructures in the 1960s. He developed in the 1980s and took his place in the scientific studies that led many scientists to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics. These scientific studies have led to new developments that will allow us to direct the atom where we want, as well as new behavior hidden in nanoscale. As a result of later scientific studies, the era of synthesizing new nanostructures not found in nature began at the atomic level.

Today, nanostructures, which have a wide range of use, continue to expand with scientific studies. It has great innovations especially in the field of health. Besides, it is frequently used in materials science, electronics, computers, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

In summary, nanotechnology aims to produce devices or tools from these products by designing and producing products in nanoscale by different methods. It is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Studies in this field are increasing day by day and will continue to increase.

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