Should smoking be banned?

      Smoking is a popular thing these days. It becomes widespread each passing day. People have two opposite ideas about banning smoking. This essay will touch upon some favorable arguments about the banning smoking, such as bad effects on human’s health, disturbing other people, bad example for society, and also focus on against arguments, such as solving some psychological problems, developing the economy and people’s freedom.

     Smoking has certain bad effects and certain people think that it should be banned. At the beginning, smoking is known as unhealthy by nearly all people. Cigarettes or similar tobacco products have many harmful substances. For instance, specialists say that cigarette brings about cancer, skin problems, brain damage or etcetera. However, cigarette users do not care about this or they cannot give up because of addiction. Mortality increases while smoking usage increasing. Several countries take some precaution for this. In addition, smoking disturbs other people and this problem cannot be solved easily. Smoking does not damage just smokers, it damages people around, too. People who care about their health, they do not want smokers around. Also, smoking disturbs from the point of smell. People might feel uncomfortable near smokers. Thirdly, smoking is a bad example for society. Smoking usage incentivizes especially young people. When they start to smoke, they get addicted. It affects their and society’s future. However, these arguments are all about people’s own preference’s consequences and people have to respect users.

     On the other hand, smoking has certain good sides and some people believe that it should not be banned. To begin with, smoking solves small psychological problems transiently. When users smoke a cigarette, they feel a sigh of relief. The cigarette is a pleasure for someone and they do not care about its damages. That’s why there is a different type of cigarettes in the world. Secondly, smoking develops the economy. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why smoking is not banned in the world.  Smokers average one packet of cigarette every day. This usage can increase to two packets of cigarette. This is a real exchequer for countries. Moreover, smoking cannot be banned because of people’s freedom. People are free and they can make their own decision about their own life. Smoking’s bad or good sides are their responsibilities. Nevertheless, smoking bad effects outweigh all other facts.

     When everything is taken consideration, smoking has certain bad and good sides. Smoking brings about some health, disturbing and example problems but it also provides good things, too. Smoking problem has been discussed since people started to smoke, and it will be discussed in the future, too.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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