Our brain is not the same!

Why men cannot know all of the colors’ name or why women cannot find a place so easy? Have you ever curious about that? Actually, these questions have one important answer; our brain. Our brain has different structure and this structure provides different skills.

The brain is the most complicated structure in our body. Brain determines humans’ personality, skills, or feelings. Briefly, brain provides physical and mental power for humans. Brain’s real research has started since 2000. Before 2000, science humans could not find so many information about brain as nowadays.

When we return the subject of the differences,  science humans say that these researches answer that why men better finding a place on a map or controlling muscles or women better remember something or doing empathy. Verma, says that woman and man use their different parts while they doing the same job. For example, when they remember their emotional memory, women use their left side on brain, men use their right side on brain.

They did big research with around 27.000 people. When they researched, they founded certain mental differences. First of all, brain’s shapes. Women’s brain more meandering than men’s brain. These shapes’ reason is higher bloodstream. When brain has high bloodstream, its shape will be meandering. This meandering provides to women’s being more detailer and careful.  Higher blood stream’s one negative side is women’s more inclined to depression, Alzheimer and anxiety.

Another finding is about prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex is about memory, thinking or deciding system. On women’s brain, prefrontal cortex has higher bloodstream and this explains why women remember easier.

There is a part in a brain. Its name is corpus callosum. Corpus callosum provides to brain’s two sides connection.  Women’s brain has larger corpus callosum and women can do more something at the same time. But men cannot do because their corpus callosum is in just back and front part in their brain.

Are you curious about the problem of the color?

There are too many theories to explain them, but I will explain Helen Fisher’s theory.

Men better on shapes and directions, It was men’s job to head out in the morning, catch animals, and then find their way back home.

For colors, seeing many colors was a real advantage for women. Women better on colors because they had to pick up fruits and vegetables. they had to provide fruits and vegetables that were nutritious

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