Each people have different personality and qualities in the world. Every people born in a different family and live a different life and this life provides different personalities and experience. This essay will give some favorable arguments about people’s personality does not change over time thinking such as genetic factors, customs and same lifestyle, and also focus on unfavorable arguments about this thinking such as social environment, media, desire to be good and experiences. By concluding that, personality changes over time because of these unfavorable arguments.

           Certain people think that personality does not change over time. Firstly, each person born in a different family. According to the researches, personality characteristics are turned over with heredity. Specialists say that even a person who does not live with their biological family since he/she was born, they might have their families’ personality characteristics. Also, people’s first education starts with the family’s manners. When babies and children see their families manners, they want to treat like them. For instance, when a child sees his/her father is extroverted, he/she will probably treat like him. Thus, genetic factors are with people every time and they cannot change the heredity. Secondly, customs are important for nearly all humans. People do not want to give up their customs and they respect them. Even a hundred years later, people still do certain things for their customs. In addition, there are a few persons who cannot go to school or join a group of people or do not have any special social environment. These people cannot change over time because they live the same life every day.

          On the other hand, some people believe that personality changes over time. First of all, the social environment has a big effect on people’s personality. People who work or study in somewhere, they see so many people in a day. These people can affect others easily. When people see a good action from humans, subconscious saves this action and people treat like them unwittingly. For instance, specialists who research about body language and characteristics on different gender say that when people get married, they start to treat like their partner. Secondly, media has big power as the social environment as. Every period trends change and people see different characteristics on media. For instance, unfortunately, some TV series are popular which containing violence. These TV series bring about bad manners on people. Especially children and young people are influenced more than older people. This is the one reason why violence proportion increasing each passing day. Also, people tend to desire to be good every time. When they discern their bad behaviors, they will probably change themselves because of the do not judge by other people. In addition, every memory teaches other things to humans. Every people have a different mission for life and they teach a life lesson for others.

        When everything is taken into consideration, there are two opposite ideas about personality changing over time. Certain people think that it does not change over time because of the genetic factors, customs or same lifestyle. However, people see many things in the environment or the media. From my point of view, personality changes over time because people can learn many things and they want to change themselves.

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