Some qualities are important for a human. We can say kindness, respect, intelligence, honesty or something like that. But some qualities are more important for a leader and a leader should be less-than-stellar. They can create a perfect world with their qualities.

       Firstly,  responsibility is so important for a leader. If a leader not be responsible, he/she can’t change the world. First of all, a leader should think the world and do something. For example, the first black president of  South Africa Nelson Mandela was a responsible leader. He thought the people everytime. He wanted to change racist and anti-democratic system.

       Secondly, determination is so important, too. If a leader can’t be determined he/she can’t be a good leader. If a leader give up when see a mistake, he/she has already been defeated. Mandela was under arrest three times in his life. He stayed twenty-seven years in prison but he didn’t give up. He fought for peace everytime. He said, “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.

       Thirdly, a leader should be helpful. Mandela struggled for new world system. He corrected the poverty problem. He changed racism ideas and he avoided equitable. He created a new land and health reform. He mostly dealt AIDS and poverty problem. He was a so helpful leader.

       To sum up, some qualities are so important for a leader. If a leader doesn’t have qualities he/she can’t be successful. If Mandela doesn’t be responsible, determined and helpful, he couldn’t get Nobel Peace Prize. He got over 250 prize. If a leader want to be light for people’s darkness like Nelson Mandela, he/she has to has some qualities.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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