Certain habits have changed with the world’s changing each passing day. People have found new convenience for everything, such as shopping habits. Shopping habits have certain changing and unchanging things. This essay will compare and contrast new with old shopping habits in terms of people’s going stores, making a list before the shopping, bargain, online shopping, credit card increase in use and preferred bigger shopping center.

      There are certain unchanging things about shopping habits. Firstly, people still go to store for shopping like past time. This circumstance originates from humans’ suspicion. Nearly all people want to see the product before they buy. For instance, if they buy food, they want to be sure its freshness or if they buy clothes, they want to be sure its properness for their body. Secondly, people still make a list before they go shopping. This habit has not changed however the changing world. Humans believe that making a list provides saving. When people go shopping with a list, they do not buy unnecessary things. In addition, humans have not given up to bargain. Certain people do not accept the real cost and they want to the cheaper price. Corporate shopping stores do not accept this but there are still some stores accept the bargain.

     As many things have changed in the world, there are certain changing things in shopping habits.  Initially, some people believe that shopping habits’ the most important change is online shopping. Online shopping provides cheaper and fast shopping. Also, people have started to find most kind of products from all over the world. Secondly, people have started to use cards more than cash money. Nowadays, cards are known as easy and fast. When humans have no money, they can use credit cards. Lastly, people have started to prefer to go to the big shopping center. People do not prefer small stores due to shopping malls start to increase in the world. People can find many kinds of products in big shopping malls and it is an effect, too.

     In conclusion, shopping habits have certain changing and unchanging things. People find different ways for an easy life and it brings about some change all the time. However, certain people do not change their behavior and it lasts a long time.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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