Ignorance is known who someone does not know something. It became a real big problem each passing day because of life’s changing. These people cannot accommodate oneself and they live some problems. This essay will touch upon some solutions about ignorance such as, reading more book and researching something, not a being hardliner and symposiums and conferences.

     Firstly, people can read more book and researching something. Reading a book teach so many things while people enjoying. Some people think that reading a book is boring but they did not find their favorite kind of book or writer yet. Everyone has to read more book and share the book’s information with someone. Reading a book sometimes can be expensive but nearly all country provide the free library for their public. Also, the internet is the most communication and accessing system nowadays. People can research everything on the internet and they find good information. However, sometimes reading a book cannot teach everything and the internet’s information can be fake.

    Secondly, people should not be a hardliner. Certain people like to reading book or researching something but they treat a hardliner. When they make a discussion, they do not listen to other people or believe their ideas blindly. Actually, certain these people know more knowledge than others but they think that their knowledge is the most accurate. However, these people’s knowledge is an undeniable fact.

    Thirdly, there are certain symposiums and conferences in the world. These symposiums and conferences provide to improve people’s themselves. Also, they increase to competition among the science human, researcher or who do know many things about a subject. This competition provides to access more information. However, certain people cannot go to symposiums and conferences because of their busy lifestyle.

    To sum up, ignorance is a big problem and people should solve this immediately. When people solve the problem, the world will start to change and people will be more knowledgeable.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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