Food production is so significant factor for every countries almost every epoch. People need food everytime. Food production is known grown, imported and exported food. Some people work for food production in Turkey’s small cities. Food production affects economy, culture, development etcetera. This essay will describe food production in terms of grown vegetables, fruits, grains, imported, exported foods, main dishes and changes in Turkey.

      Firstly, Turkey is a lucky country for food production because of the own location. Turkey has different types of fruits, vegetables and grains on every region. For instance, people grow wheat berry, barley, oat, rye, lentil, hazelnut in Black Sea region. Also, citrus grow in the Black Sea region because of Black Sea’s special location. Actually,citrus grow in the Mediterrannean region. Mediterrannean region’s foods are banana, fig, grape, watermelon, rice, lemon, strawberries etcetera. Aegean region’s foods are similar to Mediterranean region. In Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia Region, people grow wheat berry, barley, tomato, pepper, eggplant, watermelon, apricot, apple etcetera. Although, Marmara Region has been known the industrial city, people grow wheat berry, corn, rice, mulberry, peach, cherry there.

      Secondly, import and export power is important as food production variety as. Turkey imports somethings. For instance, although Turkey grows own wheat berry, it is not enough for Turkey’s population. It imports wheat berry from Russia, the U.S. and Mexico. It imports potatoes from Holland, Germany and France.Also, onion from Russia and Holland, sunflowers from Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria, apple from Italy and France, tomato from Russia, Romania and Ukraine, etcetera. Turkey have to export main dishes from other countries. For exporting examples, Turkey exports lemon, cherry, mandarin, orange, grapes and fig to Russia, Iraq, Germany, Romania and Ukraine. Lemon is the most important export product in Turkey.

     Thirdly, food production has been changed from past to present. In first age, food production was just for people’s own needs. People grew their foods and they didn’t think sell or buy foods. But in progress of time, people wanted other foods because of inadequancy. Food production started to do meticuluous. Export and started and these became important factor for economy. People have to more work in old times but now they use special machine for food production.

    In closing, Turkey is lucky for food production but is not enough for the population. People started to migrate to big cities and it occasioned to decrease food production. Consequently, export increase while import decreasing each passing day.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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