Great Architect Sinan is a famous Turkish architect in the world. He is known with famous constructions in Turkey.  He has big achievements in his life. This essay will describe Architect Sinan’s life, constructions, and achievements.

        Architect Sinan was born In Anatolia, Turkey in 1489. He died in Istanbul in 1588. During his life, he built mosques, palaces, tombs, chapels, schools, aquedacts and hospitals. Mosques are the most efficacious construction among these constructions. Architect Sinan improved himself with Janissary education and develop his skills. He travelled to Italy, Mediterraean and Baghdad. On his trip, he observed and learned many things. This trips effect can see on Suleymaniye Mosque.

       He has some important constructions. Firstly, Süleymaniye Mosque was built by Süleyman the Magnificent from 1551 to 1557. Secondly, Selimiye Mosque is important for Architect Sinan because he said that it is my masterchip construction. It was built by II.Selim from 1568 to 1575. It is in Edirne and this mosque is seen all over the city. It has a wheel of fortune engraving in the ceiling. It symbolizes the mosque’s eternity. In addition, Mihrimah Sultana Mosque was built from 1540 to 1548. Architect Sinan was in love with Sultan Süleyman’s daughter Mihrimah Sultana but he never did not find a response. He was built this mosque as a gift for Mihrimah Sultana.

       In conclusion, Architect Sinan is a important architect in the world. The successful career of this great architect and his genius have prompted great interest among historians of architecture and of Islamic civilisation in the Ottoman period.  Also, many tourist still come Turkey and visit his fascinating constructions every years. He is one important idol for new architects.

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