When people met with social media, nobody did know its significance. Social media marched forward in time and world has started to change. Some people think that social media is a beneficial communication system for people. Others think that social media influences in a bad way people. This essay will touch upon some positive arguments about social media, such as facile communication, easier accessing to news, education, business or etcetera, sharing and learning new things instantly, and also focus on negative arguments, such as waste time, convincing people to inaccurate things, removing real personality and transforming people into fake people, bringing about psychological problems because of the sense of appreciation. By concluding that, social media is bad when all things we are taken into consideration.

       Some people think that social media is good and beneficial. First of all, it is useful for facile communication. Since social media became widespread, communication has started to be easy. People can make contact with somebody halfway around the world. This communication pays dividens some problems. For instance, people can share a post when someone needs blood cryingly. Similarly, access started to be easier. People can access to every information with social media. This information might be scientific, educational or general. A person who cannot take a course, he/she can take a free online course with social media. There are so many teachers on social media and they teach almost every lesson. Also, information does not have to be just academical. People can find a job easily with social media, too. Thirdly, sharing and learning something has started to be fast. When someone shares a post, the world can see this a few seconds later. Also, the world can see where a war, unrighteousness or racism is.

      However, certain people believe that social media is bad. At the beginning, social media takes so much time and it is an undeniable fact that. Some people start to surf social media as soon as they wake up. Especially young people spend more time on social media. It affects life in a negative way. For instance, students might be sleepless and become unsuccessful because of social media. Secondly, social media removes people’s real personality. When someone sees other people’s happiness or interesting life, they want to be like them. They start to treat like every other person. Everyone starts to be the same color, have an appearance or idea. Subsequently, if they are not like everyone, they start to have psychological problems. These psychological problems increase each passing day. Social media brings about loneliness and it is a substantiated truth. In addition, social media sometimes misleads. People can see so many things on social media and they do not know which is true. Media has this power and it uses this power for bad things.

     When everything is taken consideration, social media has certain good and bad sides. It can be useful when used correctly. Unfortunately, people do not use social media consciously. From my point of view, social media is bad for humanity. Also, it can be a real power in the future.

Post Author: Fatma Demirtas

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