Certain habits have changed with the world’s changing each passing day. People have found new convenience for everything, such as shopping habits. Shopping habits have certain changing and unchanging things. This essay will compare and contrast new with old shopping habits in terms of people’s going stores, making a list before the shopping, bargain, […]


      Ignorance is known who someone does not know something. It became a real big problem each passing day because of life’s changing. These people cannot accommodate oneself and they live some problems. This essay will touch upon some solutions about ignorance such as, reading more book and researching something, not a being hardliner and […]


       When people met with social media, nobody did know its significance. Social media marched forward in time and world has started to change. Some people think that social media is a beneficial communication system for people. Others think that social media influences in a bad way people. This essay will touch upon some positive […]