Each people have different personality and qualities in the world. Every people born in a different family and live a different life and this life provides different personalities and experience. This essay will give some favorable arguments about people’s personality does not change over time thinking such as genetic factors, customs and same lifestyle, and […]


       Some qualities are important for a human. We can say kindness, respect, intelligence, honesty or something like that. But some qualities are more important for a leader and a leader should be less-than-stellar. They can create a perfect world with their qualities.        Firstly,  responsibility is so important for a leader. If a leader […]


      Ignorance is known who someone does not know something. It became a real big problem each passing day because of life’s changing. These people cannot accommodate oneself and they live some problems. This essay will touch upon some solutions about ignorance such as, reading more book and researching something, not a being hardliner and […]