Turkey is a country which is in the middle of three continents. Its big land is in Anatolia despite a little land is in Europe. Its three sides surrounded by sea and this provides differences. This essay will describe Turkey’s history, climate and agriculture, import and export, tourism.            Turkey has long-standing background. Turkey’s history […]


     Food production is so significant factor for every countries almost every epoch. People need food everytime. Food production is known grown, imported and exported food. Some people work for food production in Turkey’s small cities. Food production affects economy, culture, development etcetera. This essay will describe food production in terms of grown vegetables, fruits, […]


        Great Architect Sinan is a famous Turkish architect in the world. He is known with famous constructions in Turkey.  He has big achievements in his life. This essay will describe Architect Sinan’s life, constructions, and achievements.         Architect Sinan was born In Anatolia, Turkey in 1489. He died in Istanbul in 1588. During his […]